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Event Speaking

Looking for an authentic, hope-filled speaker for your next event?

I love to give encouraging and relatable talks based on my own life experiences and Biblical truths. Below are a few of my favorite topics to share with others:

● The lie of perfection and how the gospel of grace sets you free to live authentically

● Stronghold demolition: how to identify demonic lies you actively believe and replace them with God's truth

● Breaking the cycle of self-Hate: how humility is not the same thing as being humiliated. Why godly humility cured my self loathing.

● Hiding in shame: everyone has done something they were ashamed of later. But hiding yourself away in shame is not God's best plan for you. In this topic I'll discuss how a relationship with the Triune God banishes shame.

● The weight of entitlement: God is not your genie, and that’s a good thing.

● Choosing to worship God even when you don’t feel like it. Learning how to choose praise and worship when life is hard/in the midst of trials

● Dealing with disappointment when God says, “No” and how to trust him when it doesn’t make sense

● Battling fear and worry

● The weapon of courage

● Overcoming comparison and discontentment: how gratitude and joy can become a normal part of your everyday life.

● The power of obedience and how it leads to Godly fruit in your life

● Forgiveness brings freedom: how choosing to let go of your pain and the wrongs people have committed against you actually benefit you.

● Abolishing idolatry: what modern-day idolatry looks like and how to overcome it.

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