Through Dark Places By Annie Hutchison

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you will always be stuck battling mental illness? If you are seeking healing, then this book is the encouragement your soul has been craving. In it Annie shares the dark places she walked through as a result of mental illness and poor life choices and how God faithfully led her through them.

As you read Through Dark Places you will learn about the spiritual disciplines and daily practices that enabled her miraculous healing from a lifelong battle with mental illness. Follow along as Annie shares her life struggles and how God used them for her good: to train her, restore her, and give her a renewed will to live.

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What People Are Saying

  • "In "Through Dark Places", the author uses critical moments in her own personal journey, through suicide attempts and real struggles with mental illness, to shine the light of truth on how God met her in all of these moments, and what God taught her about her true worth and the redeeming power of His grace and love has great power. Highly recommended for anyone who struggles with mental health, spiritual depression/struggles, and other debilitating circumstances."

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  • "This is a great book for anyone—not just those who struggle with mental health issues. The author gives very honest and practical wisdom that she has gained through her journey. A refreshingly honest and raw depiction of the many adversities that she was able to overcome by God’s grace. The things that gave her victory in overcoming the dark places may surprise you. Highly recommend!"

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  • "At her lowest, the author still reached out to God, even when she was mad at Him. And through her faithfulness and trust, He showed her that no matter what, He had a plan for her life. The Author not only shares her amazing story of hardship and redemption, but also ties everything back to the glory of God, the unwavering love He has for us and recites scripture that feeds the soul. This book brought back hope into my life and renewed my faith that even the no's in life are all a part of God's plan."

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